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November is coming soon, and the southern heating season is not far away. Many friends have begun to prepare for the purchase of winter heating facilities. So how should consumers choose the various heating equipment on the market

for owners, safety is naturally the primary condition for choosing heating equipment, followed by energy conservation and comfort... At present, only water and floor heating can meet these conditions in the market. At present, water floor heating is recognized as the most comfortable heating method. It adopts the method of low-temperature floor heating, "warm feet and cool the roof", and the feet are warm and comfortable, which is suitable for the temperature needs of the human body; The temperature is balanced, the heat dissipation is uniform, there is no wind blowing feeling, it is not easy to produce floating dust, there is no noise, and it is hygienic and environmental friendly

in fact, in foreign developed countries, floor heating has already become a necessity for families. Even in winter, people don't need to wear heavy clothes indoors. In China, although floor heating has not reached the popularity of foreign markets, this heating method has been favored by more and more users

according to the visit of families that have installed camel floor heating system at present, users are very satisfied with both energy saving and comfort. Moreover, with the spread of word-of-mouth, some relatives, friends and neighbors have also been driven to install water and floor heating systems. It can also be seen from this that with its strong advantages, as long as the problem of awareness is solved, the popularization of water, land and heating will be unstoppable





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