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Lanzhi curtain wall cloth Emeishan store is mainly in Chinese style, combined with modern and simple European style, which can give people a sense of peace and quiet. It matches the small county in the southwest very well, quiet and refreshing

project name: Lanzhi curtain Emeishan store

project location: Sichuan - Emeishan City

store address: No. 7-9 caiwan street, Emeishan City, Sichuan (next to Longma wood industry)

hard decoration design: Huang Guocheng

soft decoration design: Fu Qiman

advertising planning: Xiao Ke

Emeishan City is located in the county-level city under Leshan City, Sichuan Province, in the southwest of Sichuan Basin. Emeishan City is not only beautiful, There is also a profound cultural connotation. Lanzhi curtain designer, after detailed communication with customers, combined with the local cultural customs, gave a plan suitable for the local

Emeishan store is mainly in Chinese style, combined with modern and simple European style, it can give people a quiet, very matching with the small county in the southwest, quiet and refreshing. Please appreciate the real scene of Emeishan store below:

the exterior design of the store door, which is wrapped in plain color and stainless steel, is low-key and noble

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during the opening activities of Emeishan store, the company's senior operation team calmly planned and assisted in the whole process. The opening activities had a good effect, which made the franchisees more convinced of the strength of Lanzhi curtain, the strength of the team and the appeal of the brand

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Lanzhi curtain national investment hotline: 400-662-0888 ext. 8855

Lanzhi curtain headquarters address: 13, Sanzhou Zhenxing Road, Lunjiao street, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province





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