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A few days ago, Yilian, together with Daya board and heitishi hardware, jointly held a "true EO" health signing meeting, aiming to bring healthy home life to owners across the country. The event was a great success in Jinan and Chengdu stations

"true love, true E0" Yilian president health signing event is a health feast jointly created by Yilian wardrobe, Daya board and heitishi hardware for owners and friends across the country

love home, held in Jinan on April 18 and Chengdu on April 19, has held a "true EO" health signing meeting, which has been warmly pursued by Jinan and Chengdu owners, with good news coming frequently

on April 18, Jinan

the scene described it in one word: fire

on April 19, Chengdu

the scene was described in three words: same fire

what makes so many owners come to the site? Just because nothing can stop consumers from pursuing health! Not to mention the lowest price in the whole year! After the president of Yilian put the price, the owners immediately surrounded the cashier and the signing office

not only that, there are endless gifts on the scene! The following winners are really envious of Xiaobian

congratulations to all the owners present. Congratulations on taking your health home





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