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07 series of standards for building materials have been issued, and the market direction is yet to be explored.

07 series of standards for building materials have been issued, and the market direction is yet to be explored.

march 6, 2007 Experts from standardization management and quality inspection institutions have compiled the China environmental label to recycle, classify, clean, break plastic wastes into granules or powders and then add them into concrete. Although the recycled plastic modified concrete has decreased in physical and mechanical properties, it can restrict the generation and development of internal cracks in concrete, In order to make the concrete show better ductility, the standards of ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics have been adopted. At present, 19 Building sanitary ceramics enterprises have participated in the pilot work of standard verification, and 18 enterprises have obtained the certification of China's environmental labeling products in the first batch

the common indicators of China's environmental labeling products ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics require radioactivity, the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in the products, and the recyclability of industrial waste residue generated in the production process. In addition, there are requirements for friction coefficient of ceramic floor tiles and water consumption of toilet for sanitary ceramic tiles

2007 situation improved coating enterprises will "show their strength" in 2006, but new investment projects are still in the pipeline. Many major events have taken place in the material industry. It can be said that it is a "disaster year" for coatings: the prices of upstream raw materials are rising crazily, downstream dealers are struggling to resist, environmental protection orders are encountered in technology, safety orders are encountered in production, and oil paint is impacted by "paint free plate" in many regions. Moreover, since the beginning of this year, many regions have experienced continuous rainy weather or severe dry weather, and the situation of coating is truly "worse than worse"

in the tide of fierce competition in the coating industry market in 2006, many enterprises have made a lot of efforts to survive and develop. Among them, the most influential ones are "drinking paint" and cooking with paint. Environmental protection seems to have become the only "life-saving straw" in the coating industry in 2006. All coating enterprises are trying to seize this "life-saving straw", so new energy-saving and environmental protection products have sprung up like mushrooms, The paint industry has accelerated the reshuffle

now the coating industry has entered the finishing period after the reshuffle. From the perspective of the industry, there are unlimited business opportunities in the coating industry, from oil-based to water-based, from acrylic acid to fluorocarbon, and from flat coating to textured coating. The market is increasingly segmented; From the perspective of brand, the strong are always strong, the weak are weaker, the influence of "Matthew effect" is more obvious, there are fewer and fewer comprehensive competitors for coatings, and the brand concentration is higher and higher

there is a huge gap in energy-saving coatings, and the market potential remains to be explored.

China is the region with the largest potential coating market and the most dynamic development in the world. China's building energy consumption accounts for about 27% of the total social energy consumption, and the application efficiency of building energy is only 1/3 of that of developed countries, so there is a huge potential space. Therefore, the state has successively issued policies to support the energy-saving coating industry

according to the statistics of the Ministry of construction, China has 40billion square meters of existing buildings, and nearly one third of the existing buildings need energy-saving transformation. Calculated at 200 yuan per square meter, it will cost about 2.6 trillion yuan, which will bring huge business opportunities to the energy-saving and environmental protection coating market. China is the region with the largest potential paint market and the most dynamic development in the world. With the continuous double-digit growth of the national economy, the sustainable development of the construction industry, the prosperity of the housing industry and the expansion of the automobile manufacturing industry, the demand for decorative paint has also increased. The data shows that at present, the per capita consumption of decorative coatings in China is about 1 liter, while that in European countries and the United States is about 10 liters. The gap clearly reflects the huge potential space in China's coating market

with the great efforts of building energy-saving standards, the adoption of spoke sensor stations has become the mainstream trend to develop new wall materials with low energy consumption and good thermal insulation performance. In order to promote energy-saving buildings, the Ministry of construction will comprehensively implement the energy-saving building certification system from this year. The huge building energy-saving market will drive the building coating industry to conduct a new reshuffle. The coating enterprises with annual sales or output value less than 5million yuan will be closed or switched to production. The coating enterprises with building coating less than 500t/a, industrial coating less than 100t/a and special coating less than 60t/a will not be allowed to start construction. After policy guidance and market competition, the number of tens of thousands of coating enterprises in China will eventually be reduced to about 5000

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