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Looking for "0.3mm" of "Dongfanghong" has yet to be explored

looking for "0.3mm" of "Dongfanghong" has yet to be explored

information on China's construction machinery

during the 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, the slogan "transformation is within one finger" of Dongfanghong series power shift pullers won high praise from participants, They believe that this short statement well reflects the characteristics of power shift. However, in addition to the joy, there is also a trace of regret. Just as a visitor said, it would be better if there were specific means and forms of expression to express the propaganda more intuitively and vividly. This can not help but remind me of the series of micro films of Gree Electric

this year, the series of micro films of Gree Electric, such as perfect storm, the legend of 1 Hz, the birth of Almighty King air conditioner, and the king of Gree forklift and then close the oil delivery valve caoxiangyun, were successively broadcast on CCTV, provincial satellite TV and video stations, causing heated discussion in the society according to the characteristics of various energy storage technologies

watching this series of micro films from the perspective of marketing, I strongly felt the importance of finding and expressing the selling points of the products. Whether it is "product improvement starting from the gap of 0.3mm air outlet" in perfect storm, "creation in China" from following to leading "in" Legend of 1 Hz ", or" the birth process of original technology "in" the birth of King Almighty air conditioner "and" the growth of grass roots "in" the king of Gree forklift caoxiangyun ", each micro film makes Gree more popular from different perspectives. In other words, 0.3mm, 1Hz, etc. are the selling points selected by Gree. These different selling points show consumers a different Gree

more importantly, this series of micro films not only let consumers remember the distinctive Gree, but also let consumers understand the "common" Gree: mastering core technology. Based on the enterprise value and concept, select the corresponding product selling points, and let consumers recognize the product and enterprise through the embodiment of the product selling points - perfectly combine the enterprise value and concept with the product selling points. Gree has undoubtedly made a good demonstration in this regard

at this agricultural exhibition, the biggest highlight of China Yituo is the batch sales and collective appearance of Dongfanghong power shift tractors, which is also our selling point. However, just as the visitor thinks that the slogan "change is within one finger" is lack of expression, our selling point has not been well reflected. On the contrary, another tractor manufacturer in China strongly released the power shift tractor at this exhibition, and seized the opportunity to stir up the authenticity of this product selling point to be verified. There are two kinds of wear measurement methods: the power shift technology is the first used in the 90 HP ~ 100 hp range in China

there is another example: during an interview in Shanxi market in the spring of 2012, a dealer told that a domestic tractor manufacturer seized the selling point of narrow wheelbase and vigorously promoted its products in Shanxi market. Almost no one knew it for a while and quickly occupied the Shanxi market. The supplier said sadly that Dongfanghong narrow track tractors were introduced to the market earlier, and their performance was better than that of the tractor manufacturer's products, but the users did not know much

idea determines mode, mode determines strategy, and strategy determines form of expression. Every product has its "0.3mm". When we can't find the "0.3mm" of "Dongfanghong" and even say "there is no selling point", we might as well change a way to start from the source and innovate marketing ideas. The "0.3mm" of "Dongfanghong" remains to be explored. How to explore it is worth thinking about

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