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China printing and equipment industry association 07 large market

1 The first China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (printchina) was held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center (GDE) on April, 2007. The exhibition was co sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, Guangdong Printing and Reproduction Industry Association, Guangdong Publishing Bureau, Guangdong Economic and Trade Commission and Dongguan municipal government. The exhibition area reaches 80000 square meters; 1047 exhibitors; The number of professional visitors reached more than 100000. The exhibition was very successful and entered the ranks of the world's large-scale international printing exhibitions

p if there is a bulge or edge in the test vessel, the purpose of rintchina is: to build a platform for exchange and trade, and promote the progress of printing technology and the development of printing industry; The idea of the exhibition is: to serve exhibitors and professional visitors - to organize the largest and widest number of professional visitors for exhibitors and the best advanced and applicable technologies and exhibits for professional visitors

2. International Printing Technology Development Forum held on April 9, 2007, the first International Printing Technology Development Forum (forum-pt), sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association and co organized by printchina2007 organizing committee, was grandly held in xilaideng Hotel, Dongguan on the day before the opening of printchina2007 exhibition. On the topics of sheet fed offset printing, web offset printing, digital printing, CTP, gravure printing, flexographic printing, inkjet printing, silk printing, value-added printing, soft proofing technology, the forum invited the CEO or chief technical officer of the world's leading companies to deliver a special speech, introducing the technical development of these printing professional fields, and expressing his views on the development trend and trend of this technology

speakers include: Ben Hart, Global CEO of Heidelberg printing equipment Co., Ltd? Mr. rnhardschreier, sales and marketing director of cel? Mr. ileaves, Peter, President of AGFA printing Asia? Terbuytaert, President of European silk printing association? Llmuthfrey, rcofaulhaber, chairman of ManRoland Greater China, Anthony, vice president of Xerox? Mr. thonyfederico, and Mr. Bauer, President of Madison company in the United States? Mr. Auss, Mr. ampierozorigo, vice president of ceroody China Co., Ltd., Mr. rrensng, product marketing manager of apple in Asia Pacific region, Mr. liuxiaokun, President of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University, and Mr. Lu Changan, general manager of beiren group

3. The first China Printing award presentation ceremony was held in Shangri La Hotel, Shenzhen on August 29, 2007. A total of 856 entries were collected in this year's "China Printing awards". After preliminary evaluation, secondary evaluation and final review, 181 gold, silver, bronze and high-quality works awards in 5 categories were finally selected. Among them, there are 25 gold awards, 45 silver awards, 53 bronze awards and 58 high-quality works. Manchester United of Shenzhen Yachang Color Printing Co., Ltd. won the highest award - the grand prize of the whole audience. The grand prize Organizing Committee presented trophies, medals and certificates to the winning enterprises at the award ceremony

the China Printing award was jointly established by the industry associations in the four places across the Taiwan Straits - China printing and equipment industry association, Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association and Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to promote our printing products to international print buyers and help enterprises expand the international market. The awards are reviewed every two years

4. China printing and equipment industry association has become a member of globalprint. On September 22, 2007, globalprint held its first general meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Representatives from the United States, China, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Spain and other countries attended the conference. With the approval of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the State Council, China printing and equipment industry association, as one of the initiators, participated in this international organization on behalf of China's printing industry and attended this alliance member conference

the General Assembly adopted the articles of association of the global printing alliance, and elected Mr. ralphnappi, President of the American printing, publishing and paper products processing Association (NPES) to add mechanical functions through appropriate heat treatment process, as the president of the next general assembly, which is scheduled to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, in May2008

wangdemao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, xujinfeng, vice president and secretary general, and ajixin, project manager of the exhibition office, attended the alliance members' meeting

5. To actively promote the famous brand strategy of printing and equipment, help and guide enterprises to apply for national famous brands, the association has set up a special working group in accordance with the requirements of the measures for the administration of China's famous brand products and the guidance catalogue for the key cultivation of China's famous brand products during the 11th five year plan formulated by the China national reputation Promotion Commission, Timely reported the development of China's printing industry and the task of applying for famous brand products to the China National Committee for promotion and the China Machinery Industry Federation; On april11,2007, the association held the "seminar on promoting famous brand strategy in China's printing industry"; On may22,2007, the "China printing machinery famous brand cultivation work conference" was held, and it was proposed that 54 enterprises of 6 categories of products in the printing machine industry should be the first batch of recommended enterprises to cultivate famous brand products. At present, no product in the printing industry has entered the Chinese famous brand product catalogue. "Printing machinery" has been listed in the "Guiding Catalogue for key cultivation of China's famous brand products during the 11th Five Year Plan" in 2008 by the national name Promotion Committee

6. In order to implement the national policy of "the rise of central China", the technical working committee and enterprise working committee of China printing and Equipment Industry Association jointly organized industry experts to investigate the printing industry in Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Anhui, Henan and Jiangxi in three groups in 2007. The research was carried out under the support and guidance of the General Administration of publication. The operation of the experimental machine 1. The experimental steel ball shall not be larger than the specified size is described as follows: the research focuses on the development scale, level, product structure adjustment, enterprise reform and restructuring, technological progress, independent innovation, strengthening management and improving efficiency of the printing industry in the six provinces

in recent years, China printing and equipment industry association has conducted investigation and Research on the development of printing industry in Western China, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai rim and Northeast China, which has played a role in publicizing and promoting the development of printing industry in these areas to varying degrees. This survey of the six provinces in Central China aims to promote the cooperation and coordinated development of the printing industry in the region and strive to improve the overall level of the printing industry in the central region

7. The fourth meeting of the Fifth Council of China printing and equipment industry association was held in Beijing Friendship Hotel on December 1st, 2007. Chairman Yu Zhen presided over the meeting; Wangdemao made a summary speech on adhering to the scientific concept of development and building a harmonious industry association. He proposed that we should scientifically summarize some of the ideas and principles of the association, clarify, emphasize and adhere to them, and better build a harmonious industry association. In his speech, wangdemao emphasized "one maintenance and five persistence", that is, to maintain the industrial nature of the Association; Adhere to the concept of big printing; Adhere to the service purpose; Insist on giving full play to various advantages; Adhere to "independence, equality and mutual benefit"; Make unremitting efforts to expand the market. Finally, he called on everyone to make joint efforts to build a harmonious China printing and equipment industry association under the inspiration of the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the guidance of the scientificoutlookondevelopment

after the conference, group discussions were held. The participants discussed the work report of the conference in 11 groups in combination with the work of the branch, the professional committee and the working committee in 2007. Everyone fully affirmed the work of the association in 2007; Put forward modification and supplementary opinions on some parts of the work report; Further defined the work priorities of the association and the industry in 2008. Everyone agreed to do a good job in accordance with the work plan of the association, strive to help enterprises expand the market, better serve the whole industry, and make the work of the association reach a new level

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