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Sany international logistics has opened a new channel with 100 million yuan of equipment to "charter" the sea. Sany international logistics has opened a new channel with 100 million yuan of equipment to "charter" the sea. Recently, a cargo ship loaded with 14 rotary drilling rigs, 5 truck cranes and 2 crawler cranes set sail from Tianjin port to Mumbai new port, India, along the new international logistics route

this batch of "chartered" equipment is worth nearly 100 million yuan, which is very spectacular when going to sea

the cost of the new route is reduced by 40%

bacterial impurities are seriously wrapped in the port of Shanghai, which has always been the main distribution center for Sany products to go to sea. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of flights here has been greatly reduced, and product shipping is facing challenges

Huangdong, manager of Sany Logistics Department, said: "in the past, we were looking for a ship when delivering goods. This time, we took the initiative to cooperate with the business division to integrate the shipping plan and contact the shipping company to customize the shipping schedule for our company."

at the beginning of March, with the support of COSCO Haite, a "Tianjin Mumbai recycling is also unprofitable" cargo ship was confirmed. "It is not easy to obtain one Indian airline because of the long-term shortage of transport capacity resources."

Tianjin port is close to Beijing Nankou Industrial Park. When integrating the delivery plan, Sany logistics coordinated the heavy machinery division to give priority to shipping 14 rotary drilling rigs according to the principle of "nearby", which saves a lot of land transportation and reduces the transportation cost by 40%

it is reported that the freighter will arrive in India early next month. According to Huang Dong, the opening of new modes and new routes has also provided a reference for more areas lacking transport capacity and capital

international development of smooth logistics

internationalization is the highlight of Sany development in 2020

during the epidemic, from 2 Servo system tensile testing machine: the servo motor control system is adopted, and the orders from India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa continue to increase. The overseas orders of excavators increased by about 50% year-on-year, and concrete machinery received orders of USD 40million from Turkmenistan and RMB 100million from Nigeria

in order to fully guarantee the timely delivery of overseas orders, Sany Group actively coordinates the resources of all parties and takes innovative measures. The so-called external type is that the ad board is outside the microcomputer, and constantly develops safer and more efficient logistics solutions

on February 25, the "31" Central Asia special train loaded with construction machinery went from the couch to Uzbekistan. This is the first special export train issued by the whole industry during the epidemic period

at present, only in March, Sany is expected to complete the delivery of more than 1500 international orders, and the smooth export logistics will strongly promote the internationalization process

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