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On August 18, 20 sinotruk Haohan 6x4/j7b dangerous goods transport tractors were dressed in red silk and red flowers in the Luoyang yewei automobile sales and service company. This batch of dangerous transportation tractors is the first batch of 100 sinotruk Haohan's orders ordered by local key customers in the sinotruk Luoyang yewei 4S store, which is the first shot for sinotruk Haohan's products to enter the dangerous transportation market in western Henan. Luoyang Kaman Automobile Logistics Co., Ltd., where these 20 vehicles are attached, is a new company established by the Luoyang yewei 4S store of SINOTRUK for the promotion of SINOTRUK series dangerous goods transport vehicles, The company is currently the only dangerous goods operation logistics enterprise registered in the transportation management department of Luoyang microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine in western Henan. It has gradually shifted from the traditional field to the field of new materials and modern chemical industry. It is a brand and can be inspected as the oil standard business on the right. The establishment and operation of the company is also a microcosm of the remarkable success of Zhengzhou branch of China National Heavy Truck Sales Department in vigorously promoting Henan regional distribution units to seize opportunities, seize the market and promote transformation. Cuijun, general manager of Luoyang Kaman, said that although the company has just obtained the qualification, its management level and the experience of its core personnel are second to none in the local area. The company's goal this year is to achieve the operation of 100 heavy truck dangerous goods vehicles in China by the end of the year, so as to pave the way for and prepare for the overall volume increase next year. (this article is from sinotruk)

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