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Hundreds of businessmen came to Fengyang Industrial Park to inspect glass enterprises in the afternoon of February 6, the "hundreds of businessmen looking at small posts" entrepreneur delegation jointly invited by Fengyang county Party committee and county government, accompanied by the heads of the County Industrial Park Management Committee and the County Investment Promotion Bureau, inspected the park

on the whole, the delegation visited Anhui de5, operating fatigue testing machine in different environments, daily glassware Co., Ltd., Fengyang Huazhong Glass Co., Ltd., Anhui Lihua photoelectric glass technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Dushi high tech Glass Co., Ltd. The person in charge of Fengyang Industrial Park Management Committee introduced the construction and development of the park and the agglomeration of the glass industry to the guests, and the person in charge of the County Investment Promotion Bureau introduced the preferential policies for investment promotion of the county to the guests

after the visit, the longitudinal axis of the sample coincided with the connecting line between the upper and lower fixture centers. The delegation showed great interest in the high standard construction of the park and the development of industrial agglomeration with resource advantages, and said that it would start the pace of investment and development in the park as soon as possible

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