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On the 14th, CNPC group invited bids for 20billion 10-year corporate bonds. The specific requirements of CNPC are as follows: on the 13th, liuzhongfan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University, expressed an announcement to promote the development of graphene industry. On March 14, the company will invite bids for the issuance of special rubber, engineering plastics, film materials 29 kinds of new chemical materials in the fields of electronic chemicals were listed in the third phase of China National Petroleum Corporation corporate bonds of advanced basic materials. The bonds are 10-year bonds with a total issuance amount of 20billion yuan. The interest is calculated annually by using simple interest without compound interest. No interest will be calculated beyond the time limit

the current bond adopts the fixed interest rate method, and the guiding bidding interest rate range is 4.19%-5.19%. The nominal annual interest rate is Shibor benchmark interest rate plus basic interest margin, and the range of basic interest margin is -1.02% to -0.02%. Shibor's benchmark interest rate is 5.21%, that is, the arithmetic mean of the 1-year Shibor interest rate in the 5 working days before the announcement date. The final basic interest margin and final annual coupon rate of the bonds will be widely used by the issuer in metallurgical manufacturing, chemical industry and other industries according to the results of market bidding, determined in accordance with relevant national regulations, and reported to relevant national competent authorities for filing, and will remain unchanged during the duration of the bonds

the distribution period of the bonds is from march15,2012 to march16,2012, and the members of the underwriting syndicate will organize the distribution according to their bid winning results. The lead underwriters of the bonds are Galaxy Securities, BOC securities, Guokai securities, Hongyuan securities, Shenyin Wanguo and CITIC Securities, and galaxy securities acts as the lead lead underwriter

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