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1.5 billion yuan! Jinfu technology renews its new display backlight module

recently, Jinfu technology reduced the addition of graphene to 1/510 of the earliest samples available. It announced that it would vigorously develop the R & D and production projects of photoelectric new display and backlight module by signing the memorandum of project investment cooperation with Wuhan Dingshi, a subsidiary of Huaxia happiness

according to the specific news, Jinfu technology is expected to invest 1.5 billion yuan in the construction of Aoying optoelectronic new display device and backlight module R & D and production project in Shuangliu industrial new town, Xinzhou District, Wuhan. The capital source of this investment and early detection of accident is mainly Jinfu technology's own capital or self raised capital. The total investment is expected to be about RMB 1.5 billion. Within three years from the date of delivery of the project plant, the landing investment is expected to be RMB 1.2 billion, of which the investment in fixed assets is expected to be RMB 1billion. Jinfu technology established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shuangliu industrial new town, Xinzhou District, Wuhan

it is understood that Jinfu technology has built a range of raw materials (diffusion sheet production, graphene preparation), special processing equipment (precision die cutting, automatic intelligent equipment), testing equipment (FCT functional fixture, MDA press fixture for wood static load bending, cross grain tension, compression splitting experiment, ICT vacuum fixture and automatic testing system), backlight module The industrial chain of R & D and production of smart TV sets and various optical thin film devices has continuously improved its market competitiveness and market position. Last year, it began to expand its smart display business. It not only independently developed and designed ultra-thin and curved surfaces, but also developed its business from OEM to ODM spring steel. In the future, smart display can not only be used as a traditional business, but also as a supporting support for smart home IOT business. With regard to this investment, it is estimated that the output value of the new company in the first four years after the completion of the project is RMB 1.5 billion, RMB 3 billion, RMB 5billion and RMB 8billion respectively

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