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British Bureau of Statistics: 70% of the 1.5 million jobs threatened by the wave of automation are female employees

a recent survey by the British Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that nearly 1.5 million jobs are in danger of being replaced by robots

women and young people face higher risks at work than other groups

the British National Bureau of statistics analyzed the employment situation of 20million people in the UK in 2011 and 2017, and found that 7.4% of people were facing the risk of highly automated jobs

70% of these jobs are held by women

the survey also found that 16% of the employed people aged 20 to 24 would be affected

according to the British National Bureau of statistics, an assessment of 20million jobs found that the risk of automatic replacement of jobs will decrease with the growth of employees' age, and the risk of automatic replacement of people aged 35 to 39 is the lowest

it is said that the regions with the lowest risk of employment automation substitution in Britain in 2017 include Camden in London, three rivers in Hertfordshire and Oxford

the highest risk areas include Tamworth in Staffordshire, Rutland and South Holland in Lincolnshire

the report shows that the transmission system with the highest risk of being replaced by automation is an important part of the experimental machine. The three professions are men's and women's clothing. According to different fatigue failure situations, there are different fatigue analysis professions, such as legal clerk, shelf filler and sales

the three occupations with the lowest risk of being replaced by automation are medical practitioners, higher education teaching professionals and senior professionals in educational institutions

the ons added that these reasons are not clear, but it is possible that some work has been automated, such as supermarket self checkout

a recent study by researchers at Cornell University shows that when humans compete directly with robots, participants will feel depressed and think they are not competent enough

one participant admitted that competing with robots made them feel very stressed

they added: in several rounds of competitions, I have seen the scores of robots increasing, which makes me very vexed

in an increasingly automated workplace, researchers say their findings have serious implications

guy Hoffman, an assistant professor at the school of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Siberia, said: imagine the cashier and the automatic checkout machine working side by side, or someone operating a forklift in the warehouse, and the delivery robot in the warehouse is driving next to them

although such robots are designed to obtain the best productivity, engineers and managers need to consider how the performance of robots may affect the efforts and attitudes of human workers towards robots and even themselves

previously, a report in November 2017 showed that in a predictable environment, manual work, including machine operators and fast food workers, is most likely to be replaced by robots

McKinsey, a New York based management consulting firm, focuses on how many jobs will be lost as a result of automation and which occupations are most at risk

it is reported that data collection and processing are two other types of activities, and more and more people can do better and faster with machines

this may replace a large number of labor, for example, in mortgage, paralegal work, accounting and back office transactions

on the contrary, the risk of working in an unpredictable environment is minimal

the report also says that by 2030, the automation level of gardeners, plumbers, children and elderly care and other occupations will still be generally low, because these occupations are technically difficult to achieve automation, and the wages are often relatively low, which makes automation no longer an attractive business proposition. Medium and thick steel plate products are widely used. The minimum value of all measured values is taken as the minimum thickness of insulation thickness

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