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On the morning of April 9, the spring sun was shining brightly and the spring breeze was blowing on our faces. The whole factory meeting was held at the yimeide doors and windows. All colleagues from the marketing department, production department, logistics and other departments gathered neatly. This was the first whole factory meeting in April

On the morning of April 9, the spring was bright and the spring breeze was blowing. The whole factory meeting was held on the doors and windows of imede. All colleagues from the marketing department, production department, logistics and other departments gathered neatly. This was the first whole factory meeting in April

General manager Xiong said that since the beginning of the new year, the orders of the company have been full, the business has shown a good momentum of development, and all colleagues have worked very hard, showing a good work style and hardworking enthusiasm. In the past more than one month, the staff team of the company has also been further enriched. The new employees are eager to learn and work, and are quick to start. The old employees are united and help each other, and the overall appearance is very good. Mr. Xiong also continued to encourage everyone to make persistent efforts, take advantage of the promising start to expand the results, and make a good start for the annual performance

factory director Li then summarized the work of last month and further clarified the company's rules and regulations. Factory director Li mentioned that efficient operation must have a strong institutional guarantee, and I hope you will continue to be strict with yourself. Factory director Li also mentioned that the company has always cared for and cared for every colleague, and will not forget everyone's hard work if the company benefits well. For this reason, some employee benefits will be introduced in succession to make everyone live better. I hope you will continue to redouble your efforts

the speeches made by Xiong Zong and factory director Li were encouraging, and the colleagues were full of fighting spirit

Emmett has finished the first quarter in the good news of continuous joining and hot production scenes. I believe in the next days, let's cheer together and make great strides towards the established goals

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