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It seems that the second quarter data release of the palaid door and window handkerchief alliance has topped the Hurun 100 rich list in 2016 in mid October. The wealth growth of the richest man is still declining, but the data of the palaid door and window handkerchief alliance has been soaring

data analysis

it seems that the 2016 Hurun 100 rich list in mid October is still lamented. Today, the second quarter data of the palaid door and window handkerchief alliance was released like thunder. The increase of the richest man's wealth is still declining, but the data of the palaid door and window handkerchief alliance has been soaring, which has hurt my brother. Let the data speak for itself

it can be seen from the data that in the face of the mountain of handkerchief alliance in the first quarter, the results achieved in the second quarter reached a new high, that is to say, no matter how bad the market environment is and how fierce the competition is, even if the past champion who has stood at the peak of sales or the dark horse who participated in the activity for the first time, handkerchief alliance still leads excellent distribution partners to a new height

I think many people will say to the dealers of parlade doors and windows, "it's great for my brother", which feels like a talent who has served the "horse generation". Ma Yun has affected my consumption concept, Ma Huateng has affected my social style, and Ma Rong has changed my outlook on life. (the third party still ignores it.) their successful moments confirm a truth, "it is very important to choose the right platform if you are engaged in the right industry brand."

the palaid door and window handkerchief alliance is a good platform. Its original intention is to learn and train, so that dealers across the country can stay together and find their own unique way of promotion in the highly homogeneous promotion alliance; One season at a time, so that dealers across the country can learn to plan independently and implement a complete promotion under the influence of the activity atmosphere of the handkerchief alliance. In the end, we will realize the dream of double performance and one set of parlade doors and windows in the hands of the people all over the country

handkerchief alliance

let's see the strength of my brother (handkerchief alliance):

1. The way of participation is fair and voluntary

2. The forms of activities are flexible and diverse; (national competition, provincial PK, store to store competition)

3. The activity template is unified, but the discount is adjusted to local conditions; (it is fair to meet the needs of local markets)

4. The phased implementation of activities is led by the company and taught by hand

5. Reward and punishment are stimulating

insert an announcement

Pampa: the top ten dealers in the second quarter and the dealers who completed the activity tasks of this season will receive corresponding rewards. At the same time, dealers who fail to complete the activity task will be punished accordingly. All dealers participating in this season's activities should consciously abide by the rules of the game

in this way, the handkerchief alliance is really powerful. It has innovated our understanding of alliance promotion. Dear dealer friends, do you want to be more powerful? Please keep up with the pace of the handkerchief alliance. Maybe a few years later, your name will really appear on the Hurun rich list





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