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There is another saying in the decoration industry, “ The meaning of "three materials, seven construction" is simple and easy to understand, that is, materials are important, but construction is more important. Good construction can make the life of finished decoration products longer. The same is true of putty scraping, which has a great impact on the later wall quality, so let's take a closer look at the construction method of putty scraping

1. Treatment of wall base

for new houses, the wall needs to be cleaned; For the painted walls of second-hand houses, it is necessary to wet the walls with water first, and then use tools to remove the old paint. If it has been used for more than 5 years, it is also necessary to remove the old putty layer. Then brush the interface agent to enhance the adhesion of the base course. The final base course should be solid, clean, roughly flat and free of open water

in addition, it should also be noted that the base course with strong water absorption should be wetted with clean water or sprayed with glue for sealing treatment before puttying. The newly plastered cement wall should be puttying after the curing period

2. Prepare putty

if common putty powder needs to be mixed on site, the proportion of putty powder and water shall be strictly controlled according to the product instructions. At the same time, try to stir it evenly, and then let it stand for 10 ~ 20 minutes and stir it evenly again

3. Apply putty

apply putty with a scraper or spatula as usual, and try to apply force evenly to make it fully bond with the wall, and do not apply putty repeatedly in one step

batch scraping thickness: the thickness of batch scraping putty is generally between 0.8 ~ 1.5mm. If the batch is too thick, it will cause hollowing, and if the batch is too thin, it will cause de dusting

scraping times: the scraping times should not be too many. It is generally OK to approve new houses twice, and it is better to approve second-hand houses three times. After each painting, due to the high strength of putty, how can decoration save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. When the putty is in a semi dry state, it should be polished and leveled with a scraper when it is gently pressed by hand without deformation

4. Sandpaper grinding

after the putty is dry, polish it with sandpaper. The grinding must be carried out from the surrounding to the center. Be extra careful when grinding edges and corners, and try to be as straight as possible. Pay attention to the sanding paper to avoid missing grinding or wearing out the putty. After sanding the scraper print with sandpaper, clean up the floating dust, and then directly brush the finish paint




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