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In recent years, in the home furnishing industry, both consumers and manufacturers are facing the same problem, that is, the homogenization of products is serious. It seems that plagiarism and imitation still exist in the market. Even if some enterprises stick to their original design products, once launched, they are often inevitably imitated and plagiarized by other brands. As an overall wardrobe brand enterprise, the protection of intellectual property rights of products is also particularly important. Then, how to protect intellectual property rights? The importance of intellectual property rights of the overall wardrobe brand! The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

first, intellectual property rights take the protective layer of the Internet

in the Internet era, intellectual property protection also takes the "Internet +" express. Recently, the China intellectual property rights protection assistance and reporting and complaint network was officially launched for trial operation, realizing many functions such as online application, acceptance, processing and feedback of intellectual property rights protection assistance and reporting and complaint

as we all know, to create a good business environment, intellectual property is particularly important, and it has been criticized by consumers because of too many similar products. With the continuous improvement of the efficiency of patent administrative law enforcement and the level of law enforcement and rights protection management, the industry will also face new challenges

second, on the importance of intellectual property

intellectual property is the performance of the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the current market environment, enterprises can not only convert patents into commercial value, become a sharp weapon to expand the market, but also bring additional economic benefits to enterprises

research shows that the average life span of global enterprises is 12 years, and enterprises with more than 12 years account for 20% of the total number of enterprises. Among these 20% enterprises, the key is that they all have core patented technologies in a certain field, and these intellectual property rights are the main source and driving force of their profits. In particular, the world-famous industry leaders, such as mobile phones, home appliances and other enterprises, are able to thrive in the industry. Intellectual property rights and innovation are their weights for continuous progress. Industrial layout, patents first, should become the consensus of enterprises

"in terms of the development of enterprises at this stage, the protection of intellectual property rights is more important than ever." Insiders emphasized. Because intellectual property protection is closely related to the foothold and development of enterprises, only good intellectual property protection can realize the healthy development of the industry. Enterprises should deeply realize that the protection of intellectual property rights is not only a matter for enterprises, but also for the whole market and industry

for both the big home market and the overall wardrobe brand enterprises, the real purpose of safeguarding rights is not to blindly block the technology and market, but to call for strong innovation among brands, not blindly imitate and plagiarize. In this way, it still has a great impact on the atmosphere of the whole industry. Therefore, after maintaining their own rights and interests, enterprises can indirectly promote the benign competition and upgrading of the industry, Establish a good market competition order and purify the environment of the whole market

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