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Mayor of Fushun met with Brazilian businessmen to discuss the nitrile rubber project. On August 15, mayor wangguifen cordially met with nitenfrey, a subsidiary of brampac group in Brazil, who was visiting our city in the friendship hotel, so as to make the battery interior accommodate Mr. Renato, the director of battery cell company, as much as possible. The two sides discussed the investment in the nitrile rubber project in Fushun

brampac group is a well-known chemical group in Brazil. Its business covers the fields of chemical industry, plastics, synthetic rubber, medicine and packaging. As a major supplier of specialty polymers and nitrile rubber. Its netherflex company is a specialized manufacturer of various types of nitrile rubber and butadiene styrene rubber in Brazil. It has a wide range of products, including rubber hoses, sealing washers, seals, high-pressure hoses, rubber rollers, soles, foaming products and adhesives. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The main product nitrile rubber has a global market share of 8-10% and a Brazilian market share of 80%. At present, netflick's products have been sold in the Yangtze River Delta region of China

with the project of "ten million tons of oil refining and one million tons of ethylene" settled in Fushun, rich chemical resources have attracted the Brazilian netflick company. After an earlier visit to Fushun, the company decided to build a factory in Fushun high tech Zone to produce high-end nitrile rubber products, which will be mainly used in the Chinese automobile market. This time, Mr. Renato came to Fuzhou for investigation, mainly for further negotiation on project registration, capital, land and other matters

wangguifen welcomed Mr. Renato to's visit to Fushun to investigate and treat light pollution. She said that brampac group in Brazil is a well-known chemical group in Brazil. Due to the fatigue of parts, it has strong strength, and it has a very strategic vision to choose Fushun for investment. Relevant departments of the municipal government should do a good job in docking, create a good service environment for customers, and promote the project to make substantive progress. The municipal government will fully support the development of netherflex in Fushun

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