The most popular May 12 earthquake has a very limi

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The "May 12" earthquake had a very limited impact on the paper industry

the automatic sprinkler system water flow indicator GA 32 ⑴ 992 paper industry output in China is mainly concentrated in the East, and the total output of 10 provinces in the western region accounts for only 5%. We believe that there are not many paper-making enterprises near Wenchuan County, the center of the earthquake, and the impact of the earthquake is very limited. The listed companies whose main businesses are located in Sichuan have *st Yizhi paper, and some listed companies whose businesses are located in Sichuan or Chongqing have silver pigeon investment (Luzhou base) and Jingxing paper (Chongqing base 9. shut down and not use). At present, neither Jingxing paper nor Yinge investment has received any information that has a significant impact

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