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Mattel recalled Chinese toy companies for the third time with a sharp drop in Christmas orders Mattel recalled Chinese toy companies for the third time with a sharp drop in Christmas orders September 6, 2007 Mattel, the world's largest toy manufacturer, announced yesterday that it would recall 675000 Barbie toys made in China because their paint may contain excessive lead. This will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum. This is the third toy recall of the company this summer


Canada's recycling of Chinese made pencils is suspected to be due to excessive lead content in the paint

the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled Chinese made children's watering cans

Irish media commented on the recall of Chinese toys

Ministry of Commerce: 86% of China's recalled Chinese toys have no quality problems

made in Guangdong is very injured. The US recalled the toy industry in Guangdong or will reshuffle the cards

industry organizations issued comments on the recall of lead containing paint toys Comment

whether Mattel recalled the power switch with lead paint again. Is it a perfect toy car made in China

the boss hanged himself: the recall loss of toy paint with lead exceeding the standard was 30million US dollars

Chinese officials responded to the recall of toys with lead paint

inspection of electromagnetic clutch

Mattel recalled 1.5 million toys made in China

according to relevant media reports, among the toys to be recalled, There are two kinds of toys specially designed for preschool children, one is musical instrument, and the other is "geotrax" toy train. About 100000 of these toys will be recalled. However, the largest number of toys involved in the recall plan are related to Mattel's core brand, Barbie

due to the toy crisis, some small-scale toy enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region of China have no orders and have stopped production in succession, while the situation in the Yangtze River Delta region, a major export region, is not optimistic. A toy manufacturer in Yiwu said in an interview with the daily economy that since Christmas in 2004, six years after the end of the test, European and American countries have strengthened the quality monitoring of toys and Christmas gifts, "Recent events have made it impossible for us to receive Christmas orders from any European or American countries. This time in previous years is the peak of Christmas exports and production." It is reported that Christmas orders are a very important business opportunity and profit opportunity for many Chinese toy enterprises in a year. The toy recall since this summer has made this year's Christmas a "Christmas robbery" for toy exporters. The above-mentioned person said that the manufacturing enterprises with fixed customers for many years also suspended the contract due to a series of unexpected events

in recent years, China's toy manufacturers have almost become the processing workshops of Christmas toys in the world. Toy exports account for 75% of the global toy output. Therefore, the increasing technical barriers in Europe and the United States have a great impact on China's toy enterprises. The safety and environmental protection warnings issued by Europe and the United States are mainly aimed at Chinese toys and Christmas gifts. According to the statistics of Ningbo customs, from January to November 2006, Ningbo Port exported 172million US dollars of Christmas products, an increase of only 12.5%, lower than the export growth of 13% in 2005. Especially in the UK market, the export of Christmas products to the UK in the first November of 2006 decreased by 14.7% compared with the same period of the previous year

matin, the business director of a trading company specializing in the import and export of gifts in Shanghai, said that in recent years, the number of toy safety and health testing items stipulated by the EU has increased day by day, and the technical standards have become more and more strict, which has virtually doubled the export cost of enterprises. It is understood that Santa Claus toys produced and exported in the past can use 6000 or 7000 yuan a ton of recycled plastic. Since the implementation of the EU environmental protection order and new regulations, this fee will be raised to 30000 or 40000 yuan. The recent series of toy recalls have made toy export enterprises "worse". "After the export of European and American countries is blocked, we want to contact more orders from African countries this year. After all, there is still a big market for Chinese toys there."

relevant experts remind enterprises that in order to overcome the technical barriers in Europe and the United States, in addition to improving the safety and environmental protection standards for toys and Christmas gifts, they must also strengthen their independent innovation ability, pay attention to the research and development of new products, use international standards to develop safe and environmentally friendly alternative products, increase the technical content of products, integrate the design into the cultural connotation of exporting countries, and improve the added value of toy products

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