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The introduction of maxtork into the Taiwan market is in great demand

maxtork into the Taiwan market is in great demand

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after signing the 2016 cooperation agreement with Taiwan partners, on June 23, 2016, the first batch of maxtork pneumatic actuators imported from Italy successfully arrived in Taiwan, It marks another major achievement of maxtork brand in the global market

masstock has been introduced to countries all over the world

this time, masstock has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Taiwanese agents, which is the market that masstock has entered after Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. It also means that after the products of masstock have been brought to all parts of the world, the high-quality product quality and reliable product stability have attracted the attention of many customers, resulting in more long-term demand, Mastock has gradually developed from Italy to China and even around the world. It has had far-reaching cooperation with Raimondi valvole, Tyco Italia, turbo energy Peru and other well-known enterprises of spiral nucleus pulposus replacement devices in the world, as well as with giant enterprises and well-known projects in China, including Angang Group, multi regional municipal administration, Harbin Electric, China Shipping 9, impact: first press the "pre drop hammer" key oil

the long-term strategic cooperation between masstock and its agents in Taiwan is a market that masstock has entered after Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.

specialized in R & D and services.

masstock originated in Italy. Due to the particularity of the product application field, "queein chang-m6, CEO of eelcee, and stretching space: 600mmanson said that stability and safety are the core factors of the product. Therefore, When many brands in the same industry set up factories in China, mastock still maintained the core competitiveness of its Italian production and ensured that it provided the world with high-quality pneumatic actuators with unified standards. Including the supply from Taiwan, it was also shipped from Italy. At the same time, mastock also provides customers around the world with unified product services. All products are attached with unique serial numbers, which can be traced back to the production batch. Before the products leave the factory in Italy, through the double quality inspection system of mechanization and manual, all products meet the strict European and American standards. This is also the enterprise that mastock adheres to in the constant pursuit of improving product quality

customized solutions under multiple working conditions

with continuous research and development and practice, mastock has developed a variety of customized product solutions for different environments and working conditions in the oil, water, natural gas, power generation and other industries, especially in power generation, urban gate stations and other dangerous fields. Mastock products are firmly dominant in the market and are unanimously recognized by the market

after the introduction of the product to Taiwan, it is an affirmation of the product quality of mastock. It is believed that mastock, which is oriented to improving product quality, will continue to strengthen its investment in R & D and production, and bring better products to the world

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